Printer Freindly Checklist
for Business Taxes

New Client / First Time

Data needed to complete T4's

Last Year's financial statements

For each employee we will need:

Last year's Federal & Provincial corporate tax return filed

Full Name

Notice of assessment - Federal & Provincial

Full Address, including postal code

Minute book and incorporation documents

social insurance number

List of shareholders - complete names and social insurance numbers

total gross salary


CCP paid




tax paid


total other deductions


and also,


Statement of account for current source deductions from Revenue Canada

Returning and New Clients

Current year's back statements & canceled cheques

Bank loan documentation and loan balance confirmation

General Ledger - print out or accounting software data disk

Finance contracts

Trial balance - print out or accounting software data disk

Lease agreements - premises; vehicle and/or equipment

Deposit book or deposit bank receipts

Accounts payable - trade listing

All investment documents GIC back-up, stocks/securities/etc.

Business credit card statements for year (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

Current insurance policy business and vehicle

All payroll documentation and remittance receipts (PD7A's)

Listing of accounts receivable

All GST returns filled and instalment payments made during the year

Listing of doubtful accounts or bad debts

Long-term debts, mortgage documents, etc.

Listing of inventory on hand at cost

Copies of corporate minutes completed, for dividends declared

Listing of any capital purchases along with purchase invoice

Back-up for all investment income