Printer Freindly Checklist

for Personal Taxes

Information / Receipt Slips


Last Years Notice of Assessment

Employment Income

All T4, T4A, T3, T5, T4RSP, T4P, OAS, T4PS

Old Age Security, CPP Benefits, other Pensions & Annuities

Professional/ Union Dues Receipts

Employment Insurance benefits

RRSP Contribution Receipts

Social assistance benefits

Medical expense receipts

Workers' Compensation benefits

Tuition Fees and Education Certificate for qualifying students

Interest, dividend and other investment income

Registered Charitable Donation receipts

Sales of stocks, bonds, real estate

Political Contribution Receipts

Child or spousal support

income & expenses pertaining to business or rental

RRSP income or withdrawals

Rental Income

Business/farm income

Miscellaneous income

Deductions and Credits

Transfer of Spouse's unused credits

RRSP contributions

Pension income credit

Capital gains/losses deductions

Medical expenses (12 month fiscal year, if applicable)

Union and professional fees

Charitable donations

Child care expenses

Political contributions

Moving expenses

Automobile/employment expenses

Child and spousal support paid

Office in home expenses

Investment carrying/interest charges

Northern residents deduction

Disability tax credit

Exploration and development expenses

Tuition Fees and education credit

Losses carried forward from other year